Search Engine Optimization

The Importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As in everything, follow-up is as important as start-up. Your marketing consultant will keep your business relevant through a carefully crafted follow-up plan of web analytics, search analytics, and organic search engine optimization (SEO).

Web analytics measures, analyzes and reports internet data, including changes in website traffic following new campaigns, unique visitor counts, and the number of page views. Also included in web analytics is an assessment of the big three of web marketing, visibility (potential audience), opportunity (share of voice), and comments (buzz). This information gives the social media marketing consultant an accurate picture of the effectiveness of your online presence.

Search analytics is the compilation of search engine statistics, like volume trends, keyword monitoring, and website comparisons, to help your business improve performance in the search engines.

Organic search engine optimization (SEO) describes the process of gaining and/or advancing natural placement on the search engines through the use of popular keywords, interactive links, and relevant content intended to promote your products and services.

The importance of organic search engine optimization cannot be overstated. Your success is directly related to your ranking in the search engines and dynamic SEO is the means to that end. It is imperative to follow search engine rules and policies when writing content for search engine optimization. A skilled web marketing consultant will be able to maximize your keyword density without resorting to unethical practices, like keyword stuffing, that can result in your website being banned from the search engines.

Organic Search Engine Optimization And Your Business

Research shows that over 50% of American consumers do a majority of their shopping on the web. For your business to reach those shoppers, it is essential to establish and maintain a positive online presence and a high search engine ranking. The talented social media marketing consultants at DA Consulting are ready and able to position your business for web marketing success through an innovative combination of comprehensive web and search engine analyses, organic search engine optimization of high quality content, and perfectly timed web campaigns directed toward your specific target audience.

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