Marketing Collateral

Marketing Collateral – Personalizing Your Business

Marketing collateral, the public face of business, means many things to many people. For the general public, marketing collateral usually refers to printed material. Brochures, fliers, and business cards may be the most familiar, but these are just a small portion of printed marketing collateral that is available to bring your business to life. Newsletters, business fact sheets, press releases, media kits, white papers and product data sheets are just a few of the many options that can be used to “flesh out” your image. By putting a face on your product or business, you make it real, not just a name or a catchy phrase. This reality encourages your potential base to view you as a trustworthy friend rather than just another marketer after their money.

Marketing Collateral – Winning Friends and Influencing People

Marketing collateral, however, is not limited to informational material. The effective use of visual aids and promotional items can dramatically increase your consumer appeal. Your logo on posters, banners and postcards keep your name fresh in the minds of your target audience. Personal touches, like thank you notes, birthday cards, service reminders, and sale notices show appreciation for customer loyalty. Take-away items like T-shirts, ball caps, pens, and mugs, provide a tangible reminder of who you are and what you have to offer. Effective use of promotional marketing collateral paints your business, organization, or cause in a favorable light to those you hope to influence.

Marketing Collateral – It’s All About Recognition

Remaining relevant in today’s competitive marketplace requires marketing collateral that achieves a balance of information, promotion, and entertainment. While the goal is recognition, the game is to keep it short and sweet. Time is a limited commodity. Marketing collateral that combines concise information with dynamic visuals is the key to success.

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