Copy Writing

Copy Writing – Telling Your Story

Copy writing is the art of producing written text for promotional purposes. The job of the copywriter is to generate interest in a business by convincing the consumer of the value of the products and/or services offered by that business and the benefits of ownership or use. Like the memory keeper of ancient times, the 21st century copy writer is simply a storyteller, using online media and printed text in place of the spoken word.

The Many Faces Of Copy Writing

Defined as creative writing used as a marketing tool, copy writing is an exceptionally versatile form of advertising. Printed text for brochures, newsletters, and marketing materials, like T-shirts and water bottles, are all categories in the realm of copy writing. Text for radio or television commercials, press releases, postcards, and sales letters are also examples of copy writing.

Copy Writing For The Internet

Copy writing designed for the internet is very different from copy writing for printed advertising. Space constraints make content for the internet much more concise. The repeated use and strategic placement of certain keywords or keyword phrases (called organic search engine optimization) make online copy attractive to the search engines, thereby enhancing rankings. Copy writing for the internet includes web page content, email campaigns, and online ads. The tremendous popularity of social media makes it an ideal venue for online advertising. Blogs, tweets, and regular posts on social media sites, like facebook, linkedin, and Pinterest, offer significant exposure to potential clients.

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