10 Areas Covered by Your Business Plan

I.            Executive Summary – usually written last

This will include information from the other areas of your business plan as a synopsis of your company/company/organization for investors, financiers, donors and grantors.

 II.            Company/organizational Structure

One line description of your company/company/organization – summarizes what company/company/organization does

What is the corporate structure? (include subsidiaries if any)

What stage of maturity are your in?

What are your objective?

Do you have any expansion plans? If so, what are they?

What are the trends in your industries?

Why your are uniquely qualified to succeed? (Most important)

III.            Products, Programs, Services

What  products, programs or services do you offer? (i.e. – children’s theatre classes, costume rental, etc.)

Do you offer anything unique to your company/organization?

What are the benefits of working with your company/organization?

What are your future development plans?

Does your company/organization have any trademarks, copyrights, patents or service marks?

Does your company/organization have any new products or services that you plan to launch in the future?

IV.            Marketing Plan – please bring sample brochures, flyers and other promotional materials if available

Who are your constituents? List markets and sub-sectors?

What are the trends in your industry?

What are the trends and importance of your market?

Why is there a need for your company/organization?

Who are your direct and indirect competitors?

How are your different?

How do you promote your products and services?

to donors?
to underwriters?
to customers/the community?

What are your projected number of clients/customers?

Costs and projected excess or earned income?

V.            Operational Plan

Company/organization’s location(s) including satellitelocations

What do you have in the way of capital equipment

Do you have any inventory?

Any progam and service development  and distribution approaches?

Do you currently have a maintenance and evaluation plan for the programs, services or products you offer? If so, please describe.

VI.            Management and Company/organizational Team

Describe your management team, principals, key management employees.

What are their expertise?

Who sits on your board?

What are their areas of expertise?

Do you have an advisory board? If so, who?

What are their expertise?

Who are your active financial sponsors?

Do you have an company/organizational chart? If so, please include.

Explain the lines of authority, responsibilities and assessment tools for staffing needs?

 VII.            Major Milestones

What are your risk mitigating milestones – plan for success include milestones and dates?

Major programs, service or company/organizational milestones?

How does your company/organization plan to accomplish these goals?

Include schedule of planned major events?

VIII.            Capitalization

What is the company/organization’s capital structure, outstanding loans, debts, holdings, bonds and endowments?

Explain subsidiary relationships in relation to the flow of capital if any exist?

IX.            Financial Plan

Financial model – show expected revenues and donations that will be generated how much funding is needed and when, how people will be paid back

Income statement

Balance Sheet

Cash Flow Statement

Financial Ratio Analysis (if possible)

3-Year Projections including explanations

X.            Considerations

Explain company/organization’s need for financing, grant awards, major contributions, in-kind support and so on.

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